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7 Ways to Practice Self Care

1. Spend time with God

This can be through journaling, studying God’s word, prayer and worship.

2. Exercise

Work out; stretch and recently breathing - add benefits (bike at home, yoga mat stretching)

3. Declutter a space in your house

Your environment is very important. A clean, clutter free can boost your mood and allows you to fully relax.

4. Prepare a healthy meal

Prioritizing yourself by taking the time to provide yourself with a balanced and nourishing meal is one of the highest forms of self-care.

5. Refresh your body

This can involve getting your nails done, getting facial or a taking a bubble bath.

6. Read a book

Reading improves memory and allows an individual to develop or improve skills. However, reading can make a tremendous difference in our mental health when we're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

7. Entertainment

You can watch HGTV, go to brunch or take a trip. Whatever entertains you most, do it!

It's important to pull away from the fast life. You need to time to focus on yourself and hear from God what He wants you to do.

Check out the supporting video below.

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